Ncd waiting for missing types to be registered

ncd-waiting for missing types to be registered


Can you provide some additional information?

Are you running Node-Red on a computer or on our IoT Edge Computer? If you are running it on a computer then you’ll need to search Node-Red’s pallet manager for ncd-red-wireless and install it there.

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Travis Elliott

Yes I am running node red on a computer and it was already installed the ncd-red-wireless but the next day I open again node red it shows no flow because is missing this nodes

It sounds like there is a compatibility issue of some sort.

Navigate to the directory where node-red is running. Find the node_modules directory. Inside that directory remove ncd-red-wireless and ncd-red-comm directories. Now from the .node-red directory run npm install ncd-red-wireless-2 that is an updated version of the library which runs better on larger computers.

thank you for the prompt response I will proceed and let you know

I need to remove ncd gateway config because it does not allow me to deploy

please advise
thank you

If you had a flow already created, then you removed the old ncd-red-wireless library and then added ncd-red-wireless-2 then you will need to remove all old nodes from the flow that relied upon ncd-red-wireless. Config nodes can be accessed in via the drop down menu in the top right corner. See attached screen shot. Find the configuration node throwing the error, double click it to bring out the edit pane, then click delete.

Thank you Travis I will proceed with your advise

thank you.