NCD R1610 lost documentation

I could not find my documentation for this board, can anyone help? I would like to use it for a task for a friend that has a limited budget.

Thanks Danny

Here you go:

Thank you for the documentation. The board I have has four dip switches and the document only explains settings for three our am I missing something?

Any chance you could upload a photo of the controller?


I can communicate with the board but only at 9600 baud, changing the dip switches appears to have no effect on comm speed. They do however place in some form of softest mode if the are all off.


Let clarify that I believe I am communicating with something on the board, I still don’t have control over the relays.

After changing dip switches, you will need to power cycle the board for changes to take effect

Ok, I was able to located the original manual:

We have posted all old documents here, I have updated it with the original manual:

I have tried everything I can think of, I have changed dip switch settings cycling power in between and the baud rate remains at 9600. When i run bas station I receive the screen capture. I will assume the image is corrupt, if that is true is there a way to load a new image?

The R16 is a very old controller and is not supported by Base Station or any of our modern software. You will need to send bytes to the controller as shown in the manual. You can use Base Station to send bytes by clicking on the “COMM Operator” button shown in your screenshot.

Ryan, First let me thank you for all your effort, I am in fact still struggling with comms, I have yet to make a relay actuate. I know believe the board is fully operational I just can’t get the command structure correct. I have tried several sequences, with spaces only, with commas only, with commas and spaces. There are just to many variables.


Success!! Again thank you for all your effort!! I will most likely purchase NCD products in the future because of it.


Excellent, glad to hear it Danny, please let me know if I can help with anything else.