NCD Production Counter - Pulse Width Adjustment?


I have a few questions about the IoT Long Range Wireless Production Counter Transmitter:

I see on the specs that the Minimum Detectable Pulse Width is 100 msec.

However, some devices I am looking to hook this up to (gas meter which outputs pulses), have a pulse width of 50 msec or so.

Can NCD configure the minimum pulse width to be lower than 100 msec? 50 or 25?

Thank You!

It’s a user-configurable parameter. The default value is 50msec.

Thank you for the information, Bhaskar!

Is the information on the site incorrect? It says 100 msec, hence my question.

What is the lowest it can be configured to?

Can it be configured via Alpha Station or Node Red via the Edge Computer (or both?)

Thank You,

Most folks connect these to very noisy signals like relay output. In these cases, we don’t recommend using it pulses lower than 100sec.

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