NCD MirPro MP44-20 Incorrect Transmitter Output Current

UPDATE (2/23/24): Okay, i tested the MirPro transmitter/reveiver pair again, this time with an 18V battery connected to the transmitter and sure enough, i am now getting a current reading. However, the issue persists, i am not getting the current measurement being sent by the VEGA sensor. The current reading is correct in both the transmitter and receiver web UIs, but when measured with a meter, the reading is completely wrong. Please advise. Thanks.

(SOLVED): I spoke with Travis, it turns out that in order to properly calibrate the transmitter’s output current, you need to type in the measured value, not the value that is being displayed in the web UI. Sure enough, I typed in the value my multimeter was giving me, recalibrated it, and now it’s reading correctly. Thanks for the help Travis! :smiley:

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