NCD IoT Wireless Modem (PR55-17A) performance under vibration

Looking for detail on whether this modem has been tested and validated to operate under some amount of vibration. I see the description shows it’s an industrial device but looking for some idea of how much vibration it can handle and still operate.

I’m not sure I would trust any USB connection under heavy vibration. The USB connection simply wasn’t designed for that. There are some older versions that have screw connections but we do not currently offer that. Do you have any idea how many you would need? It’s possible we could design a solution if you need several of them.

I’m more concerned with the inner workings of the modem itself versus the connection type. I get that USB might have issues with heavy vibration, but this would not be a heavy vibration environment.

Screw in USB connections would likely suffice. A bit surprised that’s not standard on all IoT devices.

Hi Jason,

Typically the USB modem is connected to something like a PC or server so it does not see extreme environments. It just wasn’t designed for that.

The other components inside however would survive very severe vibration, I would not worry about them at all. Only the USB connection.

any idea when these may be back in stock?

Thank you for your responses. To also confirm, the long range RTD temp sensor (PR55-27) has to connect to an NCD modem or gateway, they cannot connect directly to a 3rd party wireless router correct?

Hi Jason,

These are long range wireless DigiMesh devices(900mhz) so more than likely you do not have a DigiMesh Gateway.

I would very highly recommend our Enterprise Gateway here:

It will drastically simplify your development/implementation time.

Please take a look and let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you Jason,
Travis Elliott