Configuration Mode Vibration Sensor

Hi Support Team
We have purchase Vibration / Temperature Sensor,we are able get accelerometer data.
We want to change the frequency at which sensor Transmits data. so we failed to enter into configuration mode. press reset and config (R-> Reset and c-> configuration in sensor )together, then release reset hold config for 6sec - still in run mode.

But we are able to enter into factory reset - success.

Please help us to resolve this…is there any other way to enter into configuration mode

Thank you

here is a video you can checkout


Hi Bhaskar
Thanks for your reply.
Now i am able to use configuration mode.
Is there any possibility to enter into configuration mode pro-grammatically like AT-commands (with out any manual intervention like pressing button 6sec).

Thank you

Currently, the steps demonstrated by @Anil_Bhaskar is the only way to enter Configuration mode. Manual intervention is required.

Thank you.

Hi Talha,

Thanks for your reply.

lapview - config mode -success
serial terminal - config mode - failed

Sensor not able to enter into configuration mode if i connect sensor to any serial terminal other than lab view utility (like xctu, comm operator, Dock light ).
what could be the issue, i used 1152008N1 setting. but able to see data in run mode using any serial console utility.

Thank you.

The sensor changes its PANID (Network) when it enters config mode. This is discussed in detail in Configuration section of documentation. Whats happening is that LabVIEW Utility changes the PANID of your local Xbee to match with Sensor Xbee PANID and restores it when you exit the Configuration UI.
When you work with terminal, you will have to first change the PANID manually using the XCTU utitliy. And then you will be able to communicate with the Sensor in Configuration mode. You will have to restore it back to 7FFF (Run mode PANID) once you are done with configuration and want to work in run mode.


Thanks for your quick reply.

You can change the PANID manually using LabVIEW Utility as well (using the Router Configure button). Then you can exit the UI and open the same port in your terminal.

I have the same problem, I already tried the video instructions and still not able to get the sensor in configuration mode

Is the sensor sending data when in run mode? Have you already attempted to factory reset the sensor?

Yes is sending data in run mode, and also was able to do a factory reset.

How are you communicating with the sensor? Are you using a Modem and the Alpha Station software, or are you using a Gateway device?

I’m using a gateway device, I have a Predictive Maintenance sensor and a IoT Edge computer. I also connected the gateway to the Alpha Station software but couldn’t connect to the sensor because it hasn’t been possible to put the sensor in configuration mode.

Correction: I have not been able to connect the gateway to the Alpha Station software, I did it with a LabView program.

I have the NCD Industrial IoT Edge Computer

Which Gateway do you have? MQTT, Azure, or AWS?

Is there any possibility to enter into configuration mode pro-grammatically like AT-commands (with out any manual intervention like pressing button 6sec).

Thank you

no, because sensor radio is sleeping most of the time.
we will be releasing a new sensor line which will allow configuration without any physical intervention

Has this been released yet? I am looking for a product with this functionality.

we are supporting this in new vibration sensors V3.

Ah I did not realize I was in a vibration sensor thread.
Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but do you have a tilt/inclination sensor with this functionality?