NCD Gen3 Ethernet Module Router vs Switch

We purchased a ProXR 2 Channel High Power Relay Controller with the Gen3 Ethernet Module for a prototype item. Unfortunately we were not aware that communications using the Gen3 Ethernet Module had to go through an Ethernet router rather than an Ethernet switch. The device we are building is designed to use a switch for various reasons and it can’t be changed at this time. We intend to use a static IP address and would not be using DHCP.

My hope is that there is some kind of work-around for our issue. So my question is just that. Is there a work-around?

You can set a static IP either using the web ui or the config utility.

I will recommend checking out this guide


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Thanks Bhaskar, apparently I was looking at the Gen3 Ethernet User Guide with some type of web controller. I can at least access it now.

However the guide isn’t exactly clear on the IP jumper. First it states

When configuring settings in this way you will need to leave the static IP address jumper in place

and yet later in the same sentence it states

remove the static IP jumper, and power the board back up for the settings to be stored in the module

After trying this by setting the config, removing the jumper and re-powering, I can no longer access the device until I reset it.