NCD Gen3 Ethernet Module Pin Layout

Have used Xport Direct+ for a long time with our products. I have ordered some NCD Gen3 ethernet modules for testing.

Q: Pin layout is different between the two products. Is a version of the NCD available with matching pin layout or are board modifications expected with those changing to the NCD?

Thanx in advance.


If you plan to install these Gen 3 modules in older ProXR series relay controllers then a voltage regulator update may be required on the ProXR board to support the higher power consumption of the NCD Gen 3 modules. To confirm this can you send a photo of the board you plan to install the Gen 3 module in with no module installed?

Thank you,
Travis Elliott


I have no problems with the powering of the device. In fact it works exactly as expected and the same as the Direct+. The serial comms works identical. :clap:

I have not used any of your other products and have come here looking for a direct+ alternative.

My board has the standard Direct+ mounting rails. So to use this device I will need to either

  • Manufacture an adapter
  • Redesign our PCB

My question is if you have a version or adapter to fit the NCD Ethernet module into the standard Direct+ mounting rails.


Hi Mick,
We do not have any adapter which can convert ncd5500 into Xport direction connections.
I think if its a low volume need then you might be better off building a small adapter board.


Thank you for confirming.

Ended up creating my own adapter board to allow us to connect the NCD to connect into an existing Xport Direct+ (12 Pin Socket 2mm Female Headers SIP).

  • Supports Xport or NCD Network adapter.


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