NCD Gateway could not receive data from sensor, but when NCD Modem can receive the sensor data?

Hi, I’m facing some problem on NCD Enterprise Gateway not getting sensor data. The sensor was already connected to it and have previous data in our Dashboard. I just have to update the terminal pins for the NCD CT clamps for current sensors and return in back. then I’m facing the issues either “No Data” or "sample size too slow like 1 data points in 15mins or longer. but I check functionality of the sensor using NCD Modem and its working fine before I return it back to line machine to connect back to gateway. please advise, thanks

Hi @csabe79 You need to configure the sensor to send data at fast rate. See “Changing the sensor NodeID and Sleep time” section.

or if you are using Node-RED:

Let us know if you have any questions.
Eduardo M.

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Hi Eduardo.
I checked my sensor connection using XCTU, for my NCD Gateway and Sensor network diagnose. I found its all connected but still NO DATA showing in dashboard by NODE RED.

please advise,

Does the data show up in node red debug?
Can you share your flow?

@jacob any thoughts?