NCD Enterprise vibration sensors

Hi Support Team,
We have purchase Vibration / Temperature Sensor,we are able get accelerometer data.

we are having hardtime in understanding MIN and MAX Values.
How MIN and MAX Values are calculated and why MIN values most of the time is zero.

In Time series mode does sensor gives FFT Values ?

From the link i have downloaded labview utility for time series , but while opening its throwing me errorā€¦Capture Capture2 Capture3

The Min and Max values represent the Min and Max g values during the measuring interval. Can you share a screen shot of the values you are reading.
No, the sensor only sends the data in the time domain. The FFT processing is performed in the UI.

From the other post, i think you have purchased the Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensor whereas the Utility you are trying to run is for the Enterprise Vibration Temperature Sensor only. Can you please share the part that you have purchased.
We are certainly looking into the error that you are getting when you run this utility though.

Hi Talha
Thanks for your update.
Our sensor looks like as shown below
Thank you

The sensor you have does not have time domain features.
The one you have is this one

and the labview ui can be found here


Q1 : How to differentiate between the vibration sensors which supports time domain which does not .

Q2 : Please share the link for vibration sensor which supports time domain


  1. In India and China i have seen users using 900 Mhz and 868 Mhz both.
  2. Yes, the sensor you picked will work for you application.
  3. Yes, we do ship to india. Lead time is 7-10 days.