NCD Component IP Address


I just got an Ultra Series board and i am trying to use NCD Component library to integrate it with my application.

It says i need to enter the IP address, but what IP is it looking for? I tried the default one which doesn’t work, as well as my local PC IP and that doesn’t work either.

I’m connected via Ethernet from my PC to a switch and the switch to the board.

By default these boards are in DHCP mode so you need a DHCP enabled network like a standard router. Switches by large do not have DHCP built in. You can connect the board to a DHCP enabled network, configure a static IP into it and then connect it to the unmanaged switch.

Are there instructions for doing this? I am able to setup a local DHCP server and get it talking, i can see the lights blinking now… But how to I access it to assign a static IP?

Hi while the device is on a DHCP enabled network and your PC is on the same network you should be able to open Base Station which will find the device and give you its IP address (or you can check the connected devices on your router). Enter that IP address into the browser of your choice and follow the instructions under “To store a Static IP address to the controller” from the guide at

Once that’s done you will lose communication to it on the DHCP network, but plug it in to a switch and you should be able to access it at the address you entered.

How do I open “Base Station?”

OR when looking on my route, what would the device name look like?

Hi Arthur,

This topic is in regards to an older version of the Ethernet Module.

To find the IP address of the newer modules and configure them we recommend using the NCD Config Tool.

There are two versions of the NCD Config Tool:
Version 1:
This is for older modules, if your ethernet module on your board does not say “Rev 2.0” then you will use this software: NCD5500 Configuration Software for Windows

Version 2:
If you ethernet module does say “Rev 2.0” on the top side you will use this version of the software:

You can find more information at: NCD Gen3 Ethernet Module User Guide -