Multiple devices on I2C extenders

I have two sensors that I need to place about 10-15 meters from my Raspberry-pi.
I am planning to use 2 sets of these distance extenders:

P82B715TD Long Distance I2C Bus Extender I2C Mini Module

What is the best way to “split” the I2C port at the Raspi to feed each of these (since these do not have through ports). Planning to use this adapter:
I2C Shield for Raspberry Pi 3 & Pi2 with Inward Facing I2C Port
but need two ports.

I saw this multiplexer:
TCA9546A 4-Channel I2C Bus Multiplexer

But that seems like over kill, and I don’t need them on the same address.
Could I just stack two Raspi Inward Facing I2C Port adapters?


You can just stack the adapters as long as the sensors don’t share the same address.