Multiple AWS Hum/Temp Sensors

I am currently running an AWS Hum/Temp Sensor to keep track of my metrics that I need to maintain in our grow room. I am looking to expand to more sensors and I was wondering what I would need to effectively plan before buying multiple sensors and connecting them to the local network.

If I am running several sensors should I also purchase a AWS Gateway? In addition to the AWS Hum/Temp Sensors, we are also looking at purchasing a PH meter for our tanks. If I purchase multiple Hum/Temp Sensors and an additional PH sensor should I plan on getting an AWS Gateway? How should I setup the IoT topics on AWS? I want to maintain the current amount of hourly checks that are performed on each sensor.

Hi James,

To future proof the setup and give you more flexibility and capability I would recommend the IoT Edge Computer here which can do everything the AWS Gateway can plus a whole lot more:

The IoT Edge Computer has a long range wireless interface which allows it to receive sensor telemetry transmissions from our extensive line of Enterprise series products here:

The IoT Edge Computer runs Node-Red on board which will allow you to do Edge computing, local data logging, and report the data to any Cloud you want(including AWS).

Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions at all.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks for the quick response. Let me do some reading and get back to you with some more specific questions.