MQTT WiFi Gateway Will Not Connect to WiFi

I am unable to get my MQTT WiFi Gateway to connect to WiFi - at least I assume that’s what a solid red light means. I have verified the WiFi is 2.4GHz, and triple checked the password. I am connecting to the same wifi network with multiple other devices. Super frustrating! Please help.
Using these instructions, but there are no trouble shooting steps:

@travis1 - Trying to get this all set up for a CESMII demo at a show next week. If you have a few minutes to discuss live I would really appreciate it. I’ve already spent 2 hours with Louka trying to figure out what’s wrong.

The first thing I would recommend is a different network. Try taking it home and see if you can connect it there. If that works then we know the gateway is functional and we can begin troubleshooting why it won’t connect to the other network.

@travis1 - Thanks. Is there any documentation that explains what the lights mean? It is not in the setup instruction above.
Also, I was told it can only connect to a 2.4 GhZ WiFi - is that true?

Hi Rob,

Correct, it can only connect to 2.4ghz networks. Are you manually entering the SSID into the hidden address field or selecting from the drop down list of discovered networks? If it shows up in the drop down list then it should be able to connect.

I will see about putting status codes in the guide. Essentially green is good, red is bad. The Red LED will flash at different intervals to indicate the problem. Solid Red however is not normal. It should flash.

Does the Gateway show up on the network under DHCP connected clients?

You can share screen shots of the settings being stored into the gateway if you like so I can take a look.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

@travis1 - after it connects to the wifi (I see it show up in the WiFi client list), the light goes solid blue for about 15 seconds, then turns off for a while (with a tiny soft red spot), then eventually goes solid red for about 30 seconds, then off.

Any bright ideas?

That sounds like an issue with your MQTT settings. Can you please share screen shots of your settings?

Also have you tried using the same MQTT settings you are entering into the gateway in a software client such as MQTT Explorer to see if they are valid?

Thank you,

Super helpful - I’ll focus on the MQTT setting now. Appreciate it, @travis1 .
Some documentation of the various lights would be very helpful on devices like this.