MQTT temp/humidity sensor wifi reboots immediately

I have two of these sensors and neither of them are working but apparently for different reasons.
The big issue I’m having with my second one is that i can’t get to the settings screen. As soon As it starts to boot, you can see the esp reboot and the connection fails. The other one has connection issues as well but I am able to at least configure the device.

Any ideas? is this thing just DOA?

You can force into configuration mode by disconnecting power, then hold the C button near the USB connector, apply power while holding that button, then release once the LED turns blue. That should force it into configuration mode so you can connect via WiFi.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

It goes into config. Blinking blue but reboots as soon as the webpage loads or just fails to load all together. Will try that though

Same thing: NCD Rebooting itself - YouTube

Are you connecting a 12VDC power supply to the device? It cannot be powered via USB connection.

I am using the supplied 12vdc power supply.

I have not seen that issue in the past. Try connecting to the board using your Android or iPhone to see if you get the same results. If a Microsoft browser is the default browser on your computer that could perhaps be causing the issue.

The default browser on my computer is Chrome. It did work on my phone, using Chrome. I look at this as being half resolved. I have the system working but i’m not sure I can feel confident buying more of them.

I will try to look into this. Can you tell me the version of Chrome you are running and also if you are running on a Windows computer can you tell me the version of that as well?

Chrome: Version 94.0.4606.54 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 Pro Version 21H1