MQTT SparkpluB support

Hi - first post - I am interested in the MQTT sensors - but would like SparkplugB support - is this in the pipeline


If Sparkplug supports MQTT then more than likely it will be compatible with our MQTT devices.

Sparkplug B is a specification for MQTT that defines how data is sent and received. Devices and sensors at the edge of a network can use Sparkplug B to communicate with applications like SCADA systems, historians, and analytics programs. All of this communication goes through an MQTT broker. It is seeing increasing adoption in the manufacturing space and simplifies adoption of MQTT. The Eclipse foundation is the custodian of the standard and it can be found at

This looks to be a stabile library implementation on Node-Red for Sparkplug b:

Our IoT Edge Computer here supports all wireless sensors from our enterprise line of products and runs Node-Red so you should be able to do what you need based on the IoT Edge Computer and the available Node-Red libraries.