MQTT Gateway – Only One Sensor Connects

I have a MQTT Gateway. This GW is connected to one Industrial IoT Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor. It appears to be working fine

Then we have 2 additional sensors. One Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor, and one Industrial IoT Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor that don’t connect to this hub.

Any troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated to allow the Gateway to connect to more than one sensor.


The MQTT Gateway has been on the market for quite a while now and I have never heard of issues connecting more than one device to it. If it is receiving notifications from one device then it should be assumed that the Gateway is functioning properly.

Check to make sure the other devices are turned on. There is a switch/jumper inside of them which must be moved once received to power them up. Let me know if this was not the problem.

Hi Travis,

Thanks for your response.
We have already tried this, the jumper switches have been activated.

Is there a software that we can use to troubleshoot for Mac or are we limited to Windows?
Is it possible these 2 sensors are faulty? (unlikely)

There is some debug information that is output through the serial port on the Gateway. You will need to pull the gateway out of the enclosure to gain access to the USB Micro connection.

Install this driver on your computer so it will mount as a serial port:

If you’re on Mac it should mount to something like /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART
On Mac open your terminal, then enter:
screen /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART 115200
This will open a serial monitor.
Now press the reset button or power cycle the working sensor. You should see some text come through the terminal indicating it received a transmission from the sensor.
Now power up one of the other sensors to see if you get a print out when they transmit. If not please send a photo of all the sensors with the lids off so we can take a look, also send a photo of the MQTT gateway with it’s lid off.