MQTT Gateway - Not publishing to MQTT

I setup the MQTT Gateway with the Wifi and MQTT Broker.
I have also used a USB Modem to check that the sensor is transmitting data.
The MQTT Gateway is showing light white, then yellow, then blinking white,
I am using the mosquito MQTT broker and it does not have user and password. Is it a problem?
I have use MQTT.fx to validate that the MQTT broker can recieved data.

Just realised that the default is to use static IP. I switch the MQTT to use dhcp, how it is showing solid green light.
But it is still not sending any data to the MQTT Broker.


Do you have any sensors powered up? Keep in mind our battery powered sensors ship turned off so you have to open them and either move a jumper inside or flip a switch on.

The problem is caused by MQTT gateway requires the MQTT broker with user name and password. I have to switched to another MQTT broker for it to work.


No, The MQTT Gateway does not require a broker that requires a username and password. Enter the text:
For the username on The MQTT Gateway config interface and make sure the TLS setting is off. This will configure the gateway to connect to the broker while only submitting the Client ID on the connection.