MQTT control of 8 channel relay

I have 3 boards and have been using them for a long time, actually Jan of 2014. I bought the n-button software and they have worked just fine since then. Since N-Button wont handle MQTT I started looking around and decided to pick up and learn Home Assistant and would like to continue to use these boards and maybe even get more.

The boards I have:
ZUXPR810ProXR_USB - Industrial Relay Controller 8-Channel SPDT + UXP Expansion Port
USCS48 - UXP 48-Channel Contact Closure Detector Expansion Board connected to the 8 channel UXP port

ZUXPSR1610PROXR_ETHERNET - Industrial Relay Controller 16-Channel SPDT + UXP Expansion Port

I came back to your website a couple months ago and saw you have MQTT access now. But I don’t see much documentation.

I see on Relay Controller 8-Channel General Purpose SPDT + 8 Channel ADC ProXR Lite -
it lists * Use MQTT to Talk to this Device from the Internet when using our New WiFi Module
DO I have to buy the WiFi module or can I use ethernet? I don’t like wireless when I can avoid it.

If I buy an ethernet module I should be able to replace the USB module on the ZUXPR810ProXR board and then have complete control / access to the 8 relays and reading of the 48-Channel Contact Closure UXP Board? Is there any documentation on accessing this ethernet module and setting it up to send and receive MQTT messages? I already have a MQTT gateway with over 200 devices.

I saw you posted ProXR Quick Start Guide -
Will I just send TX commands via mqtt message load? or is there some other functionality that is present?

WiFi Communications Module with Bluetooth USB MQTT -
this is the only mention of MQTT that i can find. Is it software installed on the esp, and thus not compatible with the ethernet module? Ethernet to Serial Communications Module - New Gen 3 -

Hi @Patrick_P,

This WiFi module supports MQTT and can be plugged into your controllers:

Currently this is the only solution we offer for the devices you have. We do not have any Ethernet interface modules.

Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks for your response. I think I will order 1 today to test out.

Can you answer about the UXP control? If I plug in the wifi module into the 8 channel relay with the 48 contact closures, will I be able to receive messages from all the 48 contact closures on the UXP attached board?

Hi Patrick,

The module really does not have handling for monitoring inputs. The reason is that monitoring inputs requires querying the inputs. If you do this over MQTT the commands/responses will be slow so it really wouldn’t work well for that application. It does work for controlling relays pretty well though.