MP44-20_SET Loop power

Hi, the MP44-20_SET description says:

“4-20mA Current Loop Inputs Supply 10V, 16V, or 24V to External Sensors”

And later “ The 4-20mA receiver has an on-board 16V power supply. This power supply can be used to power up the any 4-20mA ”

So, there is a way the change the onboard power supply from 16V to 24V? I connected some pressure sensors but they don’t give me a 4-20mA reading as they need a 24V loop power supply.



This requires soldering pads on the board. You will need to remove the board from the enclosure. Inside the enclosure you will find there are two boards connected together. You will need to inspect the board with the screw terminal inputs for the 4-20mA signals. Look on that board and you will find the pads that you will need to solder.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott