Motion Tracking

Hi Guys,

I’m new :wave:

This is my first post in relation to a project i’m about to embark on for my youtube channel. I’m a complete novice in terms of micro electronics and programming, however, i’m pretty resourceful and willing to learn :slight_smile:

I came across this site doing some research into Motion tracking sensors. im looking for some kit that will provide a motion tracking capability in the sense that it will track moving objects around a room. in the form of a camera in the style of an anti missile system, see picture below. for clarity, im not building an anti missile system in the back yard haha but mechanically i will work in the same way, an eye mounted on a U frame to provide six degrees of freedom.

Again, im a noob so im not sure what or how this is going to be achieved and at this stage im just looking for info on the kit that will provide the motion tracking ability of objects.

Any advice appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Dan,

I honestly don’t think we’re the right supplier for this type of application. We really don’t do anything with servos or cameras like you would require. You might make a post over on to see if anyone there has any suggestions though.

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Hi Travis,

Thanks for the response! i think it was an article on the PIR motion tracking device that brought me here. when i say camera, i guess i mean some form of infrared device? :man_shrugging:t2: i dunno, haha, but thanks for the link! ill head over there :slight_smile: