More than 7 I2C Sensors: Air quality sensors

I like your products, but I have so many questions:

1.- Could I lost communication? If all the 5 module sensors have l2C pull-up resistors, the 5 resistors will be in parallel.

2.- All of these sensors, can be used in a Particle Boron device? (before I made the purchase) do you have the libraries?

  1. Can be used a sensor which one communicates via RX, TX , if I will be having 5 I2C sensors working togethers?

  2. I will have also almost 3 analog sensors, what do you recommend us? Using directly to analog inputs or using Analog to Digital converter? We need accuracy and reliability .

We will be grateful if you help us answer these questions.!


  1. The in general recommended i2c pull up is between 2.2k to 10K. throughout the i2c bus.
  2. These are very common i2c sensors. we have arduino lib for most of our products. it can be found on product page under resources.
  3. Yes, you can use UART and I2C devices together as long as they are not same pins on hardware. most of time they are not.
  4. I would recommend looking into our ADS1115 mini module.


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Do I need to add pull up resistors to each “I2C ncd sensor” ?

only I2C master should have the pull ups.

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