Modbus data extraction for reading in plc

I need to connect these hardware with a Siemens PLC by MODBUS for an automatic control.

I can read these sensor from Alpha Station Software, but I need reading from my PLC.
I Configurate the ethernet port with a Static IP and activate the Modbus RTU option from the ConfigTool Software.
But when i scanning the Modbus net with the IP address, it´s not conecting.
Im trying with the remote IP Address with the remote port but neither

I need Modbus Information or how to read data sensors for my PLC information.

I appreciate the help.

Can you try updating the firmware in your module according to the instructions on this page: GitHub - ncd-io/ncd_Ethernet

This is the latest firmware for your ethernet module:

Additionally it looks like you’re using the static IP address jumper which is only recommended for initial configs. It should be removed after booting up the module to get the initial IP address.

Thanks for your answer

I updated the firmware as you told me, and it has been updated succesfully

However, I still can’t see data through Modbus.

On the other hand, I don’t know in which modbus registers should be the information.

also the jumper was only used for initials settings; therefore, it has already been removed.