Mixing com port mapping software


I have a Moxa Nport 5410 which I use to monitor my electrical grid on my Win 7 PC. I wish to add and Ethernet controlled relay to control some motorized valves on my micro-hydro plant. The device I have in mind uses Lantronix Xport com port mapping software.

Curious to know if there are known problem in mixing two com port mapping apps on the same system? Moxa has informed me they have mixed two of their own apps without a problem, but have no experience with Lantronix software. The ethernet relay vendor suggested I ask on this forum.

Please advise,

I can’t say I have ever tried it, but I don’t know how they would interfere unless they’re both trying to access the same port on the same device (this breaks the rules of sockets).

Each software should just create its “serial” port(s) and ignore all the others.