Mirxssr2x (Pair)

I have a Mirxssr2x (Pair) that I can’t seem to make function as I think they should, am I not understanding??

When I activate let’s pin 1 to common the led r1 lights up on the other board (which is correct) but the relay will not make contact, I have attached a picture to show. you can see (R2 light and I have my meter checking for continuity and as you see the rely did not engage. Both boards act the same way.

The R2 and R1 led will light according to what pin I am connecting to command on the opposite board but none of the relays will engage.

What am I doing wrong?


Solid State relays cannot be measured with a meter. They require a minimum load for them to function. We have posted additional warnings about SSRs here:

You will need to run current through the relays that meet the minimum load ratings before they will engage.
Let me know if you have more questions.

I have tried the Test procedure that is on Crydom web site for SSR and all four relays did not function. You say I need a snubber circuit, so that a small amount of current is flowing. Can you recommend a circuit that I should use?


I would strongly advise contacting Crydom engineers on this, as they are the maker of the relays, and they will be able to best advise you on how to make these relays operational at low currents. We do not have any experience in using SSRs for low-current applications, as they are typically chosen for power switching applications. You can test the on-board relays with a 120VAC 100W light bulb to validate they are working correctly. This is our standard test procedure for all SSRs prior to shipment.