MirXR8x_KIT communication

I have a MirXR8x_KIT pair that has been in use a few months. It has now stopped communicating in one direction. In the working direction, I get an LED on the receiving board (Wall Board) when I connect the corresponding input on the sending board (Gate Board). In the other direction, when I connect the input on the sending board (Wall Board), I get no corresponding LED on the receiving board (Gate Board), although the little com led in the corner gives the slightest blink.

I have restarted boards, checked for proper input voltage (12vdc), checked input voltage between gnd and I1,etc (5vdc).

They were about 10ft apart when I tested them. The range is usually from 10-60ft.

Is there anything else to check, or do I need to get another board ASAP?
Thank you!


It sounds like communications are good if the R1 LED of one of the boards is active when it is supposed to be and inactive when it is supposed to be.

I would disconnect everything from the inputs and relays on both sides, power cycle the units, and use a small wire to jump GND to input 1. Then check that the remote relay is active as it should be. Do this from both sides. If this works as expected, disconnect the wire between GND and Input 1 and check to make sure both sides deactivate the relay.

If everything above works as expected then it indicates there is an issue with the device outputting the contact closure into the input or a hardware issue.

If it does not I would try it again on a bench with at least 12 inches of seperation between the send and receiver to make sure it wasn’t an issue with mounting.

For hardware issue common causes are:

  • Power supply not providing enough amperage to power the relay
    This is usually indicated by the LED coming on, but the relay not going to the NO position
  • Conductive material touching pins under the boards
    This can cause strange issues throughout the board depending on conductivity. Make sure the pins on the underside of both boards are not touching anything conductive
  • Induction Voltage Spikes
    This is caused by using the relays to control inductive loads such as motors directly. These motors turning on and off cause voltage spikes that can feed into the onboard power through the relay. This can cause unresponsive behavior and/or damage to the relay controller.

If none of those seems to be the issue I would recommend an RMA and we can take a look at it at our facility: NCD Login - NCD.io