MIRXR4 erroneous relay activations on receive side

I have a set of MIRXR4x REV .A going one way in a transmitter receiver combination. The transmitter input relay is normally open and switching 12 VDC to a sounder on the receiver side. They are 600 feet apart in an open air environment set in Smart mode and working well.

Every few days the receiver side relay will activate with no change in state from the transmit side.

Is there a de-bounce or delay setting available ? I am wondering if changing the unit to Beacon mode may stabilize the erroneous activations caused by possible intermittent comm loss.


I’ve never seen one activate a relay without a change from the transmitter. How is the load wired to the Relay? On the NC or NO side?

Beacon mode will keep relays in their current state if communications are lost. If communications are the issue and the load is connected to the NC of the relay this would fix that.

What is connected to the input on the transmitter?

The receiver load is on C and NO and completes the 12vdc to the sounder/chime when activated.

The transmitter side is activated by a Cartel Driveway Control sensor using the C and NO side of the relay. We have verified the transmitter side is not activating by reviewing a camera and logging device.

What’s the length of the cable connecting to the input on the transmitter and what type of cable is it?

The connecting cable is 18/2 conductor less than 24".

Well 24 inches doesn’t seem like enough of a length to pick up static, but you could try putting a ferrite bead on the input side of the wiring to mitigate any ESD. If enough static builds up over a wire it can be detected as a contact closure.

Is this a new board or a recent development in an existing application?

The installation is 4 months old so the boards are pretty new.

According to your docs, Beacon mode will hold the relay state in the loss of comm fail. Are there any negatives to switching from Smart to Beacon as a test to see if this issue goes away.

The site is out in the country so I do not suspect RF interference but the modules are 600’ apart across a field installed in outdoor plastic Hoffman style enclosures.

The downside is that it will constantly communicate. Its usually not a big deal in remote locations.

Smart mode will revert the relays to the NC position on communication loss so loss of communications wouldn’t trigger the remote relay to go to the NO position where the load is.

It won’t hurt anything to try beacon mode though.

Thank you Jacob. We are going to the site to give it a try.