MirXR2 with XBee ProS3B

I purchased a pair of boards, tested to see for sure they’d talk. A helper broke a couple of legs on the communication chip. I ordered a new communication chip and they haven’t spoken since. Any ideas?


If it was only the riser pins on the bottom of the wireless modules that broke you can just pull those off the bottom of the module and plug it back into the board and they will work.

You cannot just plug in a new module in the board. They have to be paired with the other module so they have to be configured.

Thanks for your help! Tells me what I needed!! Thanks! I better get those ordered then!!

Is there a way to pair them now?

You will need a USB modem to connect the wireless module to your computer. We sell one here:

You’ll need to plug the modules into this board and then use Digi’s X-CTU program to configure the modules. It can be downloaded here:
You’ll need to set the serial baud rate to 57600. The destination address also needs to be set to the serial address of the mating module.