MirPro MP44-20 - Need to Verify Output Current from Transmitter

I am trying to configure the wireless transmitter/receiver and so far, everything seems to be working okay. For testing, i am using a VEGAPULS 31, it is giving me about 13.37 mA at both the receiver and the transmitter, but i need a way to measure the output current going into our DCS. For context, we have a second pair of these measuring material in a silo that is using a VEGA 6X, and the value we are getting from the transmitter does not match the measured output value. Please advise. Thanks.

UPDATE (2/22/24): I misunderstood how exactly the transmitter is meant to match the receiver input current, I didn’t realize that it was sinking current, not sourcing it, so without any external voltage, there was no way I could get a proper measurement. My mistake, I will adjust my testing setup and hopefully everything will work out.

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UPDATE (2/23/24): Okay, i tested the MirPro transmitter/reveiver pair again, this time with an 18V battery connected to the transmitter and sure enough, i am now getting a current reading. However, the issue persists, i am not getting the current measurement being sent by the VEGA sensor. The current reading is correct in both the transmitter and receiver web UIs, but when measured with a meter, the reading is completely wrong. Please advise. Thanks.