I can’t get the input board to communicate to the relay board over DHCP. They will communicate via the NCD5500 utility and i can web into them, but no relay function. The LED lights that indicate relay status don’t come on either. I did notice that when I close the NCD5500 utility and stop communicating with them directly the NIC cards activity light goes idle. The link light is green and this is for both boards. This is straight out of the box when i received them. The only thing I’ve done at this point is connect them to a dumb D-link switch to check functionality. They don’t seem to be paired to one another.


Have you configured the boards to connect to each other through the NCD Config tool? You can find more information on doing this at: Ethernet Mirror Configuration with NCD5500 Gen 3 Ethernet Module - NCD.io

Thank you. That’s what i missed. Works perfect.