MirCR85_MCNET LED indicators fail after Ethernet module swap

I have a pair of MirCR85_MCNET relay boards (sender & receiver). The Lantronix ethernet module failed on one of them and so i ordered a replacement pair and installed them. Communications between the boards was restored and relays all work as they should, however the LED indicators on the sender board no longer light to indicate activity on the relay board end. They worked fine before the ethernet module swap.
Anyone can help with this issue? i’d really like the LED indicators to work again. The relay board is used in a deepwater camera system and is often 3000m below the surface, so kinda difficult to tell if it’s working sometimes!


I would try re-pairing the boards. To do this get them both on the same network and run our base station software on a windows computer connected to that same network, you can download it here:

Once you open the software click the more button in the upper right hand corner, in the expanded window click the MCNET/MXNET pairing utility button. Refresh the window until both boards appear, once they do click pair with factory settings button. You may also be able to make configuration changes to the boards for LED status but honestly I don’t have a pair of boards here in front of me so I cannot confirm that for sure.