MicroPython Driver for Pyboard (and ESP8266)

Hi everyone,
Just want to share some news about NCD Mini Sensor Board and MicroPython (on Pyboard and ESP8266).

  1. NCD Connector interface and MicroPython Pyboard on pyboard-driver NCD Connector
  2. NCD Connector interface for various ESP8266 board running under MicroPython on MicroPython’s ESP8266 NCD Connector
  3. NCD-SI7005 (%HRel and temp) driver on NCD SI7005 MicroPython Driver
  4. NCD-MPL115A2 (Athm. Pressure and temp) driver on MPL115A2 Driver (NCD Connector & Breakout)

Other drivers will be posted later.
See you soon.
Dominique, MCHobby.be

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