Measuring Temperature with Fusion

I’m using a Fusion controller and have 495-2172 temp sensor on one of the analogue inputs. Through the app everything works fine and I can see room temperature. Through Base Station, after setting the read data source to AD8 Port 1 Input 3 (8-bit) and setting the software translator to “Temperature in Fahrenheit,” it shows an accurate real-time sensor value, however the temperature shows “0”

Many of the software translators built into Base Station are incomplete/untested. We left a hook in the User Interface for adding this kind of functionality should it become a popular request by our customers. It sounds as though the hardware is working correctly though.

Is there a table that associates the presented values with the actual temperature?

We do not have a lookup table available.

Are you developing your own application to monitor this sensor? If so I may be able to provide some sample code in a couple of languages.

Our Android and iOS apps do allow for monitoring that sensor connected to an A/D input. The apps can be downloaded here:

The iPhone app will allow you to communicate to the Fusion board over Ethernet or WiFi. Android allows for Ethernet, WiFi, or Bluetooth. So you will need one of those interface modules installed in the Fusion board to use the apps.