MCP9600 K-Type Thermocouple C# Windows IOT on Rasperry PI

Good day, we’ve purchased a few MCP9600 K-TYPE THERMOCOUPLE units accessed by a Universal Windows application running on Windows IOT installed on a Raspberry PI 3. There’s not much examples for C# and we kinda got it working with c# using the example at . We only got it to work with 1 x connected thermocouple in the chain using address : private const byte PROX_I2C_ADDR = 0x64; (I2C address of the MCP9600 Thermocouple)
However it is not quite clear how to set the I2C address of multiple devices. As far as I understand you should turn the Trimmer potentiometer on the device to set a different address, but do not want to make adjustments without being clear and what the resulting address would be. How is the I2C changed for each separate device chained together and is there clear c# code which would illustrate getting the temp from each separate device in the link chain ? Your help will be much appreciated. Regards Jacques