MCP3428 Arduino Library Causes Serial Port Loss

Hi there -

I’ve connected the Arduino MKR 1400 GSM to the 4-Channel 4-20 mA Receiver (PR33-15) via I2C shied and ran the following example code from the MCP3428 Arduino library:

As soon as I upload the code, the boar disappears from the serial port. First of all, how can I reset the device to factory settings so I can start over? Second of all, what is going on with the code that causes this?

Edit: I connected a new Arduino board and then removed everything in the void loop section and replaced with serial.println(“We made it here.”); followed by delay(1000); The new board disappeared from the serial port same as above. This leads me to believe the library itself is causing this issue.

Please help!



Okay, I’ve recovered my Arduino board by double-tapping the RST button and uploading a blank sketch.

Now, I isolated the culprit in the One-Shot code above:

MCP3428 MCP(0); // Declaration of MCP3428: A2, A1, A0 bits (000, 0x68)

Does the value in parentheses need to be updated?

you can run the i2c scan code and see whats the i2c address is set on the board.

hardware address should match this address.