MCP3428 24V or 12 V


I am using MCP 3428 with Particle electron, with 4-20 mA sensors and i am happy with the result, just one thing is this board can accept 24 V instead of 12V? i don’t want to risk it, or is there an alternative to use 24 volt, at the moment i am using 24V to 12V step down but i would prefer if i can connect 24 V directly or there alternative to MCP3428 that accept 24V with same functionality.

Thank you

can you share the 4-20mA board SKU?

Sorry what you mean ? See the attached picture and I’m using around 20 of these and just wondering if I can supply them with 24VDC

Yes, this board can be used with 24V input supply

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That’s great
Thank you