MCP23008_SCIO7R1G5LE_IFTTT_10A Flashed with Tinker

We installed this device a few years ago and it stopped sending events about a month ago. It may have been a wifi issue, but during the process of resetting up the IFTTT we reflashed the device with the Tinker software. Please advise how to flash back to the NCD software. Thank you.

So it gets a little complicated, but we have a video on how to do this.

It says its extremely long, but its designed for you to skip to a particular part for your board.


Perfect, easy walk through. Thank you!

You’re welcome, that Travis makes good documentation.

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One last question. Is there a way to set up an alert if the device goes offline and/or losses power?
I tried a couple through IFTTT with a Particle Applet, but no luck. Please Advice. Thanks!


I don’t think I’ve ever actually tried this but Yes, Particle does have an IFTTT trigger called “Monitor your device status”. That should trigger the IFTTT Applet if the device comes online or goes offline. See screen shots here:

Have you tried those? Do they not work? If you tried them and they didn’t work then I’d highly recommend starting a discussion about that on

Thanks Travis!
Yes, I’m currently using that Applet. Which works, though it sends the same alert for loss of network and loss of power alert. Our maintenance staff would only need to know about a power outage. It sounds like I’d need to set up a UPS with the NCD device and add a sensor for detecting power at the unit in question. I’m sure there’s a solution already here on the board somewhere. Thanks again!