MCP23008 SCIO4R4G5LE flsh but no magenta led!

I’m new to NCD + IFTTT products and I currently can not flash MCP23008 using “”.The board is a MCP23008 SCIO4R4G5LE (4 relay board + Particle), I followed this link:
[](http://Tutorial for setting up MCP23008 SCIO4R4G5LE)

When click flash at the top left corner I get this message: “The server failed to process the request on time. Please try again”. Below is a short clip I recorded:

How Do I flash it?


Hi Happy,

This issue sounds more like a Particle error, you might check on their boards. Here’s a post they have with users reporting similar issues:

I also looked at actual downtimes for their build server and didn’t see one since 2014.

Did you change any part of the sample code? Our in-house Particle developer will be in tomorrow he may have more information for you.

Hi Jacob,
Thanks for replying.
I connected to another pc and it is working now!.
Now will need to get Node red started!