Lost range on key fob relay

I set up a KFX key fob general purpose long range relay a couple years ago. They’ve been using multiple 8-button fobs with the antenna. They suddenly lost range on all the key fobs and need to be within 20’ of the receiver to activate the relay. Any ideas on what could be the problem?

Hi Matthew,

This sounds like an antenna issue most likely.

Can you provide a photo of the board and the antenna setup?

Check for corrosion or buildup around the antenna connection (RP-SMA connector)?
Check that the antenna is fully screwed into the RP-SMA connector
Check that the KFX module (small PCB with antenna connector) is fully seated into its socket.
Check if the antenna is grounded to something that may have had a change to potential voltage recently

Another possibility is interference. If a new device that could generate RF energy and perhaps a nearby transmitter in the same frequency range has recently started up, that might reduce range.