Loss of static IP putting device back into DHCP mode

Using a Lantronix XPORT on an Ethernet ProXR Lite Relay 8-Channel. The 8-channel relays are used to switch on larger relays used to carry 48V lines.

A static IP is set on the XPORT but upon switching one of the 48V relays, the XPORT device loses it’s static and IP and goes into DHCP mode.

As far as I know the only way to lose the static IP is to go through a menu driven ‘factory reset’.

Does anyone know if some other external hardware-initated event might erase the static IP and take the device back to DHCP?

Hi Kennedy,

We had repeated reports of this happening(XPort loosing static IP). That along with a very large price increase from Lantronix were the leading factors to developing our own Ethernet module which is available here:

It is believed that voltage spikes to the XPort’s power supply caused erratic alteration to EEPROM which lead to factory default settings in the module. You could try placing an induction suppression capacitor across the coil of the external relay to alleviate possible induction spikes from coming back to our relay board. Induction suppression is explained in this article:

Induction suppression capacitors are available here:

Thanks Travis. Yes, I figured that EMF be causing an issue here. Thanks for links to parts. I’m ordering a bunch today. And if that works favorably I’ll be ordering even more to resolve the problem on a batch of product we’re having this issue with.

Great. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.