Lights on, no communication. zadsr32xproxr

Hello All,

I did the CLEAR jumper procedure, as directed in the manual. Also the REBOOT jumper procedure. The Ethernet module does not show up on the router. before or after. 3 red lights are lit on the main board. and the green and orange lights on the ethernet module flash also.


Thanks much !!!

Hi Hank,

So some boiler plate questions:

What is the voltage and amperage of the power supply you’re using?
Does the top of your ethernet module just say XPort or does it say XPort Pro?

Now some specific questions:

Is this a new board that never showed up on the network?
Are the CLEAR and RESET pins removed from the modules after the factory reset?
Are you checking for its connection on the router’s list of attached devices or through Base Station?

power supply is 12V 4 amp

ethernet says DIGI ConnectME
mac address xxxx: xxxx
US Patents 5,445,132

This board is second hand, and i have just plugged into the network router. DD-WRT router.
The CLEAR and RESET jumpers were put on, one at a time.
then powered up for a minute, then turned off. then removed. then powered up a second time.
no connection after either procedure.

i am checking the connection on the DD-WRT router list of attached devices.

Thanks man! for your prompt reply.

fixed it.
i put the jumper on the CLEAR posts.
powered up. waited 30 secs. then TOOK OFF the jumper. waited 30 secs. then powered off.
powered up again, and it was reset.

got the directions from a DIGI help forum.

Thanks Jacob.