Lantronix XPortPro issues

I am trying to connect to the Lantronix xport Pro but am unable to. I tried using the webi user and am able to log in but the device states there is no shell as shown below. I have used the standard xport devices with much success but the pro version doesn’t seem to work the same way. I am trying to enable AES encryption which I do not see an option on the web GUI.

uClinux login: webi
Welcome to Webi!

For further information check:

login: cannot run /bin/nologin: No such file or directory

Connection to host lost.

On another topic, is there a way to upgrade the firmware on these lantronix pro devices? I can connect to the device via ncd base but I do not see any option to upgrade firmware there or for telnet for that matter.

Hi Robert,

We no longer support the Lantronix XPort Pro devices. I don’t think we ever supported telnet or ssh access to the device.

You can find the original guide for the web-i at: (Deprecated Technology) Web-I WebRelay Communications Module Quick Start Guide -

If you’re just trying to connect to the board to send command packets you can use a TCP socket to port 2101.