Lantronix not passing connection

Have Lantronix Ethernet modules mounted on MIRC boards that were sent in to be reflashed a month or so ago, initially able to connect in BEACON mode, but the pair is not passing the connection anymore. Have an IP sniffer and both modules have IP addresses assigned.

Are there any suggestions or corrections for this issue?

Try using the Base Station software to discover and check pair status of the boards. To do this you will need to install this software on a Windows computer connected to the same network as the boards:

Open that software and then click the More button in the upper right corner of the screen. In the expanded window click on MCNET/MXNET pairing utility. The next window that appears should discover both boards connected to the network, if not keep refreshing until both appear. Select one of them, then hold shift and click the other one so they are both highlighted. Then click the pair button below to pair the boards. After that is complete power cycle both boards within a few seconds and test again.

Let us know what you find.
Thank you,
Travis Elliott