LabVIEW Drivers for USB to I2C Converter (SKU: PR33-17)


I am creating an ATE solution where I need to communicate with a few sensors using I2C Interface.
After researching the NCD website I found the following adapter that I believe is useful for what I need to do:

My main goal is to use this adapter on a Windows PC to establish a communication with I2C Sensors and write/read data to and from it.
My plan is to use the device above to open communication and perform the write/read operations in order to verify the sensors are functional.
The Sensors Bus Speed is 200 kHz.

As I am developing and ATE I want to automate the steps mentioned above and for that, I am using LabVIEW.
Could you please advise me if this is the right device for what I need to do?

Are there LabVIEW Drivers available for what I need to do?
Where can I find them?

Thanks in advance.

We dont have any labview driver for this device.

This mounts as a serial port on a PC so any serial VISA driver will work with it.

This is an ideal product for interfacing I2C devices with PC