KFX Programming Help Need

I have 6 of the KFX receiver modules on the R45PL relay boards, along with the OTX-418-HH-LR8-MS key fobs. These are going in 6 adjacent lanes of travel on the border. Each lane will have 3 separate key fobs. Currently; they all control all of the receivers. I need to learn how to assign a unique code to each lane and pair 3 key fobs to each, so that the three lanes function independently.

Thanks in advance!


You’ll need steps 1 and 3 outlined in the KFX Quick Start Guide: KFX Key Fob Communications Module Quick Start Guide - ncd.io

This will individualize the key fobs and pair them with the receiver.

Take note of the part in section 3:
Hint: Hold Down the LEARN button on the KFX module for 10 seconds to erase all paired Key Fobs from memory.

If you need to rework the pairing.

Works like a charm - when the ‘Learn’ switch is soldered into place. :upside_down_face: I should have tried another module. Problem solved.

Thank you!