KFX key fob software button behavior consistent between units?

Do the corresponding physical buttons on multi-button KFX fobs ALWAYS report the same software button press, even between different individual units? (aka all two-button behave the same, or all eight-button)

I have two relay boards being toggled by two separate single-button KFX fobs. I want to add two “buttons” to the picture so employees can control both relay boards without having to exchange fobs. We could add two more single-button fobs and label the pairs, but I want to rule out being able to integrate two-button fobs instead. They just need to behave the same so we don’t introduce confusion between different remotes (as in ALWAYS “Push top button to toggle lights A , bottom button for lights B” or vice versa)

Please and Thank you!

Yes, the top button could trigger the relay on board A and the bottom button could trigger the relay on board B. You however will need to reprogram the relay boards for this to work so you’ll also need this USB module:

Aye, we bought a reprogramming module with our initial order and I’ve made behavior changes with no issue.

So are you confirming that if I bought, say, 3x two-button remotes, all of them should report the same physical button vs software button relationship? So they’ll behave consistently once programmed as we’re discussing?

Followup - is there any way to configure things so both a one-button remote could operate their discrete relay AND a two-button remote could operate the same relay AND one other with the two separate buttons? I don’t think I can get around the software “button one” output on the relay being the same on both relays to account for the one-button fob (i.e. if paired to both relays, the two-button would either toggle both relays if the “button one” bytes are populated, or activate one but not the other if “button one” is populated on one relay, and “button two” is populated on the other, as in the two-button setup idea).

Am I reading that right, no way to tell the relay to interpret a one-button single as “channel two” or something?

Thanks for the assistance.

Essentially the way it works is:

  1. The boards cannot differentiate between different key fob remotes. They all look the same to the board. This means the relay board can only decipher different button presses from paired remotes but has no way of knowing which remote the button was pressed on.

  2. Logic of how to react to button presses lives on the relay board. In this way board 1 could be programmed to react to button 1 presses on key fob remotes but ignore button 2 presses. The same could be done for board 2 / button 2.

  3. The 1 button fob and the 2 button fobs actually do not use the same buttons. If you open the fob up and pull the button pad up you will see the circuit board the buttons trigger is identical between a 2 button and 1 button fob but the 1 button fob uses the center pad while the 2 button fob uses the upper and lower pads. With this in mind I believe you can do exactly what you are describing.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

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That third point revelation is great! This should work out nicely then for our situation. Give us a “ready to go” redundancy option after moving to two-button fobs. Thanks for the discussion.

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