KFX 2 Relay Board Key Fob

Hi. I have used my board multiple times now at a distance of 750ft and it has worked great. When I went to use the remote yesterday, I had to be within 1ft of the board in order to get a response. Anything past a foot and I got no response. I currently have an extension antenna cable leaving a waterproof box and the antenna mounted outside. Does this sound like an antenna or key fob issue? Thanks!


The first thing I would do is check and then double check that antenna connection, make sure nothing is obstructing the antenna or the cable from fully tightening down at all connections.

Next I would do is replace the battery in the key fob remote, It’s a CR 2032.

If those to things do not resolve the problem then I would send the relay board and the key fob remote in for repair. They are covered under warranty so we will get them fixed/replaced and back out to you. Repairs are generally processed within 2-3 business days.
Ship the board and remote to:
National Control Devices
430 Market St
Osceola Mo 64776

In the return shipment include a written description of the problem, your contact information, and the address you would like the products return shipped back to.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott


I am having the same issue as last year. My KFX module was working great last week and now I have to be within a foot of it. Last year I purchased a new module and sent in my old one for a credit. Is it normal for these units to have a 5-6 month life span? This is my 2nd KFX with the same issue. Will you be able to honor that return?

Hi Kylen,

It is irregular for this to happen.

Can you tell me a bit about your setup:
What power supply is being used to power the board?
Is there anything else being powered by this power supply?
What are the relays on the board controlling?
What is the antenna mounted to? Does the ground/copper of the RP-SMA connector come into contact with anything conductive?

Hi Jacob,

-I am using the power supply that came with the unit (not sure of specs).

-No there is not

-The relays control an LED light each

-The antenna is mounted outdoors to a small aluminum plate.

Hi Kylen,

I would recommend insulating the antenna from the aluminum plate. It can build up static electricity unless its grounded and generally you don’t need to ground out these antennas.

You can submit an RMA at: https://ncd.io/contact-us/product-returns/ It should be covered under warrant. Go ahead and send the whole thing back so we can look for any other faults.