Keyfob USB setup - not communicating with device

I am setting up the 8 channel keyfob remote system. I programmed the keyfob and installed the base station software. The USB COM3 is selected where the zigmo2 is connected. When I click ok, the software says the device cannot communicate at the default selected baud rate of 115200 and begins to cycle through other baud rates. The cycling completes without success and I receive a notification that there is no communication with the device and the software will close. Can you provide assistance with establishing the connection between the base station software and the zigmo? For reference, I also emailed yesterday and received the automated reply I pasted below, but I have not heard back. Thanks!


Your request (13698) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

Can you please provide a photo of the Zigmo/KFX with the USB connected to the computer? Please provide a top and bottom view photo.

Thanks for your reply. I spoke with Jacob and provided him with photos and the issue was resolved by seating the kfx more deeply into the zigmo with some additional pressure and a snap into place.

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