Keyfob Photon overlay Shield

I am passionate about electrical systems and after indicating the weather to my heating system with your 4-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Shield + particle photon + Ifttt (WU weather) module, I started modifying my portal.
I ordered your 4-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Shield + Ifttt + particle photon module with Key Fob Receiver Overlay Shield and two 4-button key fob.
As I have no coding training, I ask for your help.
I would like to be able to simply activate 300 ms relay 1 by activating button 1, activate 300 ms relay two with button 2… 3 with3 and 4 with 4…
I would still like to keep the ifttt function.
I have a little bit of practice with the particle web ide.
I’ve already paired the keys to the overlay shield.
I hope you can help me and thank you for your excellent products.


The simplest way to do this with no programming is to setup recipes on IFTTT. Just create a new Applet. Set the trigger to Particle->New Event Published(Name:Input_1,Contents:ON). Set Action to Particle->Call A Function(Function Name:controlRelay, Function Input:1momentary).

In this way when you trigger input 1 IFTTT will see this and send a function call to Particle to turn the relay on for 300mS.

Do this same thing for the remaining 3 channels.

Hi Travis
Thank you for your reply.
I have programmed an appelet on ifttt as the picture.
I have the red light on the overlay but no action on the relays when I press the remote control.
I also have ifttt notifications enabled on android but I don’t receive any notifications. I probably made a mistake somewhere… :thinking:

That all appears correct. Can you provide a picture of how you have the button wired to the relay board?

Here 2 pictures

I looked at the events on the particle app but I have nothing.
For your information the photon os is 1.3.1
Thank you.

Ah, sorry, I missed that you were using the key fob overlay. The recommendation I made was based on using the on board I/Os on the relay board.

For what you are doing you will need custom firmware.

I do have a library on Particle Build called Fob_Alarm, you can search for it under community libraries. There is an example in there about how to use it. That along with the NCD4Relay library should allow you to do what you need.

Hi Travis
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to program.
If I order a kfx keyfob (see picture) there is already a standard program? Like button one relay one… Button two relay two… !
Thank you


If you only need to turn relays on and off based on Key Fob button presses then yes that product would be perfect for your application. Our production department can also program it as needed for your application so it is ready to use out of the box. To have them program it for you watch for the Customer Notes field during check out. Write in there a description of how the relay board should react to button presses/releases on the key fob remote.