Keyfob 8 relay wired inputs

I have the 8 relay keyfob board. All works well.

My customer wants to add wired ‘buttons’ to operate the relays. It appears that the product can handle this with the bank of wired inputs. I have a 5vdc power supply to send to buttons, but I can seem to energize the relay. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Greg,

You’ll need to configure the board to be able to do this. You can find more information in this guide under section 11.1:

Additionally you can use the jumpers on the board to pull the ADCs high and use a standard contact closure button to connect the input to ground. This effectively pulls the 5v on the input down to ground to detect a button/contact closure.

You will need a USB module to configure the ProXR board if you don’t currently have one to configure the board:

Thank you Jacob,

When you say configure the board, you mean to use the NCD base station software to read the 8 inputs?

I can see changing the jumper to the UP position, I can wire the 8 inputs and grounds, but I can’t see where the commands are used to generate a Momentary relay start from a physical push button.

I’m actually referring to the Relay Activator/Event Generator described in section 11.1 of the previously linked guide. It’s also covered in this video: Base Station Overview ProXR Series Relay Controllers - YouTube

I’m a dope. I looked at the USB module and said, “I have that”, but didn’t realize it isn’t the same as the USB you use to program the wireless module keyfob commands. That USB actually plugs into the board. Then you get the Activator/Event Generator menu in the NCD base station.

One more stupid question. When you say connect the 5v to ground … do you mean connect 5vdc positive to AD1 and the GND to 5v negative side?

Hi Greg,

No there’s a lot of configurability on these devices so no question is stupid.

So when the ADC inputs are pulled up the inputs will be set to output 5VDC. If you read the ADCs at this time they will read at or close to max value (255 for 8-bit adc read).

If you take a jumper wire and connect one of the inputs to the ground on the same terminal block, that input will then read 0. No external power supply is needed. The button or wire you connect to the inputs will merely connect the 5v from the input to ground or not.